Becky’s Best Books of 2022!

My rule is that I have to have read the book for the first time in 2022.  It might have been published back in 1922, but I first read it in 2022.  It only counts twice if I read it in different months and then only on the monthly totals. Novellas over 100 pages count as books (There were more novellas this year.) . The lists below are generally ordered by rating.

Mystery and Sci-Fi get rated ratings of A-F wulie ehverything else gets 1-10.  Some books get both ratings. 


The Books of Jacob ~ by Olga Tokarczuk (10)
The Netanyahus ~ by Joshua Cohen (10)
Trust ~ by Hernan Diaz (9.75)
The Trees – by Percival Everett (9.5)
Small Things Like These ~ by Claire Keegan (9.5)
The Passenger & Stella Maris by Cormac McCarthy (book and sequel) (9.75)
The Last White Man ~ by Mohsin Hamid (9)
In Memory of Memory ~ by Maria Stepanova (9)
Companion Piece ~ by Ali Smith (9)
No One Is Talking About This ~ by Patricia Lockwood (9)

The Ink Black Heart ~ by Robert Galbraith  (8.5/A++) 
The Boys from Biloxi~ by John Grisham (A++) 
Silverview: by John Le Carré (9.5/A) 
Bad Actors ~ by Mick Herron (A+/9)
City On Fire ~ by Don Winslow (A++)
The Shadow Murders – by Jussi Adler Olsen (A+) 
Women’s Murder Club (series to now) – James Patterson and Maxine Praeto (A++) 
The Family Chao ~ by Lan Samantha Chang  (9/A) 
The Sentence is Death – by Anthony Horowitz (A+) 
A Song of Comfortable Chairs ~ by Alexander McCall Smith (10 – for the fun)

The Sea of Tranquility~ by Emily St John Mandel (9.5/B) 
The Years of Rice and Salt ~ By Kim Stanley Robinson (9/A) 
The Employees:  by Olga Ravn  (9 / A- )
Appleseed ~ by Matt Bell. (9 / A) 
(Just not so many of these – maybe fixing this can be a resolution – )

Bloodlands ~ by Timothy Snyder #2 (History – WWII Europe) (10)
The Anglo-Saxons: ~ by Marc Morris  (English history) (10)  
The Desperate Hours ~ by Maria Brenner (Covid in New York) 9.75
Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World  by Philip Matyszak (history) 9.5)
Wilmington’s Lie ~ by David Zucchino (US history)  (9.5)
All That She Carried ~ by Tiya Miles (US Black History) (9.25)
The Dawn of Everything – by David Graeber and David Wengrow (anthropology)(9)
Lost Christianities ~  by Bart Ehrman (history of Christianity) (9)
Freezing Order ~ by Bill Browder (political ) (0(
J.G. Boswell and the Making of A Secret American Empire  by Mark Arax and Rick Wartzman  (biography and California history) (9)

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