The Ink Black Heart ~ by Robert Galbraith

Loved this book!  It’s the best of the lot in the Cormoran Strike series so far (imo).  This is understanding that yes, at over 1200 pages it is too long. I think it could have been cut to 950 or so, but only if they leave the parts I particularly like alone. LOL!   

The Ink Black Heart 
by Robert Galbraith
2022 / 1274 pages
Read by Robert Glenister 32h 42m
– A++/8 literary crime
# 6 in Cormoran Strike series
(Both read and listened)

Also there are so many characters I had to use the cast listing from the Wikipedia entry. But the main plot threads were as full and twisty as ever and the ongoing saga of Strike and Robin continues through all the upheavals.

I both listened to the audio recording and read the Kindle version. The Audio was fine (Glenister is a master reader),  but I also really enjoyed checking what I’d read with the Kindle.  

The Kindle version has problems with the fonts which get wonky in the chat-room scenes where the text uses some kind of photo for the pages. So the text itself can’t be enlarged but the page itself can be. Also in those chat-room scenes, the text itself is broken into two or three columns and frequently goes for 5 pages or more. What you have to do to make sense of this is to read one column all the way through the pages to the end of the scene, then go to the second column and read down that one all the way through.  If you don’t do this the second column on a page won’t make any sense. The third column only appears on the pages as necessary.  It took me awhile to figure this out and then with a bit of practice, I was happy. But during those pages it was really nice to have the Audible.  

The next thing is that there are a LOT of characters.  The Wikipedia link above has a list of them. So does the fan-site:


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  1. lessie says:

    I love Strike and the series, but I have struggled with this book. I appreciate your opinion that you like it the best. It encourages me to keep trying to get it. (So obviously I don’t hate it. 😃) I may have to abandon it for a while. I didn’t enjoy Troubled Blood until IBH came out! 😃

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