No One Is Talking About This – by Patricia Longwood #2

So yes, I read this a second time.  I was blown away the first time and kind of promised myself I had to read that book again. (See my very minimal review at: )

No One Is Talking About This
by Patricia Lockwood

2021 / (207 pp)
read by Kristen Sieh 4h 43m
Rating: 9.75

So I did.  But sad to say it didn’t quite live up to the expectations . I think there was the surprise factor the first time around.  No, it’s not a mystery in any way (except maybe what the heck is she talking about in the first half or so of the book).  I just stuck with the old rating on this new time.  

 Ducks, Newburyport (which I never finished but may work on it a bit more now) is stream-of-consciousness about death and dying and what to do in the meantime, “No One Is Talking About This” is stream-of-consciousness about life and dying in the 21st century and knowing just exactly what to do in the meantime.

Up to Chapter 11 everything is really social satire about bits of the internet, but nothing much happens at all. I was tempted to throw in the DNF towel, but I kept going and loved the book. At just about half way “something happens.”  The 1st person is told that a baby is being born to her sister in a far away town. She is asked to come because the baby is not at all ready and something is wrong.  

There is no “choice” as we think of it today. The baby was definitely wanted. But in that Catholic hospital with politics of the situation at the time, no one told the parents the child had problems and was likely to be seriously handicapped, might not even survive which would put Mom’s life at risk, too. (That’s as much of a spoiler as I’ll give and it might be too much.)  

If the baby survived the doctors had no idea what her life would be like, she would not live for long anyway.  And then the baby breathed. What is a human being?  

The Communal Mind
Patricia Lockwood travels through the internet

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