TBR = To Be Read  – This is a schedule,  NOT a “wish list,” and it’s updated regularly.  Books get on this list because a reading group nominated them for a certain month.   I also  read quite a number of “unscheduled”  books – just see the home page for recent reads and the months menu (top) for earlier books.


Moonshots by Naveen Jaiin and John Schroeder (All-Non)

Women Talking — Towes. (Modern) Aud

15th- The Overstory by Richard Powers  (Booker)


Old Drift: A Novel (Modern) 

The Map of Knowledge by Violet Moller. (All-Non)

  PLATO AT THE GOOGLEPLEX: by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein (all-non)

15th- Washington Black by Esi Edugyan  (Booker) – Aud

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (Modern)

 THE ELEPHANT IN THE BRAIN: Kevin Simler (All-non)

Jigsaw by Sybille Bedford. (Louise) (Booker)

THE UNDOING PROJECT: by Michael Lewis (All-non)
15th- The Long Take by Robin Robertson  (Booker) Aud


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  1. Oh, you’re a sneaky one Bekah. I clicked on your link on my blog recently – it was for your 2010 reads – and wondered where on earth you had gone to. Glad you’ve joined the WordPress family. I’ve changed your link on my blog now!


  2. Oh I had to move because Apple is discontinuing their hosting so I looked for something I could work with kinda-sorta. I was all sorts of pissed off at the time but I had to get started or I’d lose more than I’m going to lose. I suppose something may break otherwise but I’m not counting on it.


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