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  by Stephen King 2011 / audio 30:43 / rating 7.5 I’ve never been able to read a whole book by Stephen King,  although goodness knows I’ve tried.   I’d like to say that I really admire the man for doing his … Continue reading

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Thirteen Hours

by Deon Meyers 2010/ Audio – 11:29/ 7.5  Capetown detective Benny Griessel has some problems,  he drinks and womanizes too much and his wife has tossed him out.   Also,  a very young, female tourist …  MORE

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by David Malouf  2009/ 224 pages/ rating 8.5    Australian poet and author Malouf writes beautifully clear, passionate almost mesmerizing prose, mostly short novels of historical fiction with some fascinating premises. In the last two I’ve read he has filled blanks … Continue reading

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11/23 The Greater Journey

The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris by David McCullough 2011/ 576 pages / rating 8.5 I was actually disappointed in what I thought was an oh-so-promising book.  I guess I bought the hype but I’ve read much better books by … Continue reading

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11/20 The Litigators

The Litigators  by John Grisham 2011 / Audio – 11:23 , read by Dennis Boukaris rating 7.5 Boy Grisham’s back and he’s having fun – two down and out ambulance-chasing attorneys are joined by a Harvard educated casualty of a big-firm … Continue reading

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11/19 thoughts –

 I started The Greater Journey by David McCullough and that is certainly a very “rich” book – it feels like I’m involved with a double-rich chocolate eclaire.   So I can’t read too much at a time.  It is delightful … Continue reading

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11/18 – Feast Day of Fools

11/18 – Feast Day of Fools by James Lee Burke 2011  / 480 pages / audio narrated by Will Patton rating 5 Okay fine – we’ve got Sheriff Hackberry Holland fighting the baddies in the desert of southwestern Texas.  This … Continue reading

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11/17 – thoughts on The Greater Journey

So I have  The Greater Journey by David McCullough in hard cover because I was nervous about the photos in the Kindle version.  I’ve started and I kind of wish I’d got the Kindle because the physical book is pretty … Continue reading

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11/14 – Little Bee

Little Bee by Chris Cleeve (2009-01-28) Little Bee, Simon & Schuster, Inc. Kindle Edition. 2009 / 224 pgs / rating 8.5   REVIEW This is one of those instances where I started a book and really did NOT think I would … Continue reading

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11/13 – The Prague Cemetery

The Prague Cemetery  Umberto Eco 2011 (Eng) / 437 pages / hard cover / rating 9 my little review   **** Just finished  this morning –  great book but not quite up to Foucault’s Pendulum (my favorite) or The Name … Continue reading

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11/10 – I tried (Gosta Berling)

I tried –  I got over half-way so a review is probably in order.  I’ll do something.  I won’t count it as a “finished” book and I’ll amend this if I ever get around to finishing it.  Right now I’ve … Continue reading

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11/9 A Visit From the Goon Squad

Finished  Jenneifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad – the 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner.  I was wary going into this book,  I’ve read Egan before and was not terribly impressed.  But a friend raved so I caved but my … Continue reading

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