Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World ~ by Philip Matyszak

Yes, Forgotten Peoples was even better the second time around.  I made better use of the organization and the general thrust of the book.  I understood the “lack of” source notes better. References to ancient documents such as the Bible are given within the text and otherwise see “Further Reading” which is admirably done.  

Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World 
by Philip Matyszak 

2020 / 398 pages
Read by Michael Page 8h 3m
Rating: 10 / ancient history of the west
(Both read and listened)

Again, it’s a marvelously well organized, very nicely written, and beautifully presented book.  Matyszak looks at 40 different Middle Eastern and European civilizations ranging from the Akkadians of Mesopotamia to the Hyksos of Egypt, the Jutes of Britain, and the Hephthalites of northern India. And he covered them more or less chronologically between the years 2300 BC and the 6th Century AD. He discusses who these people were, what they did and what they bequeathed to the West.

 It’s fascinating and I actually read parts of this book several times with a bit more sinking in each time. 

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