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The Driver’s Seat by Muriel Spark x2

Um…. I read this all the way through 2 times now.  I upped the rating half a point the second time for literary value but …  they’re not today’s values.   Back in 1970 post-modern lit was all the rage like … Continue reading

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Wilde Lake Laura Lippman

I’ve only read one prior book by Laura Lippman and I didn’t much care for it –   see Baltimore Blues – rating C-.    But the 4-Mystry-Addicts group decided to read this one and it did have good reviews.  Besides, it’s a … Continue reading

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The Driver’s Seat by Muriel Spark

I’ve read several of Muriel Sparks’ novels but never anything like this one.  It’s called a “psychological thriller”  but imo,  it’s really just plain weird.   That said,  I understand that it takes more than one reading to get to … Continue reading

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Barkskins by Annie Proulx

If you like big fat books of historical fiction,  generational sagas if you will,  this is this  year’s  book for you.  It’s the kind of book I can just escape into for hours – the story keeps going – and going – … Continue reading

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The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu

Book 2 of the sci-fi trilogy “Remembrance of Earth’s Past,”   The Dark Forest tells the story of how Earth prepares for invasion by an alien force due in about four centuries.  Because of  their advanced technology which includes sophons (miniature … Continue reading