The Columbus Affair

columbusThe Columbus Affair
by Steve Berry
2012 / 165 pages
read by Scott Brick
rating –  A-

If you enjoy thrillers with a bit of  historical bent ala Dan Brown (and I did enjoy the first book but never believed it) – then The Columbus Affair might be just your cup of something.  This is the second of the two books my son gifted me and I want to get it read before the deluge of new books by old favorite authors hits in Sept.

Because very little is actually verified about Christopher Columbus he’s an apt subject for a novel like this.  At the time Columbus found the New World the Jews in Spain were under serious challenge from the inquisition.  We know that many Jews came over starting in 1494 but could Columbus, who wrote little of his own background,  have been a Jew in hiding – converted for self-preservation but still practicing his faith in private?  There is so little information and only a few clues – maybe … let’s suspend our disbelief –  >>>>MORE>>>> 

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