The Morgesons

morgesonsThe Morgesons
by Elizabeth Stodard
1862 / 310 pages (K)
rating:  4 / classic US

Don’t bother unless you are really interested for some reason other than a good story, well written.  The plot is okay but after that any literary value goes straight downhill.   I think it’s because there is absolutely no rhythm to the narrative,  the characters are strange and I think they’re supposed to be humorous but that falls rather flat.

What we have is the coming-of-age story of Cassie Morgeson, a high-spirited (troublesome) girl from a strict Congregational (Puritan) family in New England circa 1860.  She hates school so gets herself kicked out.  Cassie’s sister Veronica is semi-invalid, pale, strange.  Their mother is very restricted in her words and deeds.  Aunt Merce shows some spunk if she’s living with Cassie’s family, but none at all at Gran’thers (mother’s father) who is extremely religious and strict.  Cassie and Merce live with Gran’ther for a year for the purposes of Cassie’s schooling.   >>>>MORE>>>> 

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