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Booker Challenge – personal

So what the heck have I been doing posting review after review after review?   Well,  I was on holiday to North Dakota visiting the grandkids for 2 1/2 months so posting was difficult.   So I read and read … Continue reading

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The Green Road

The Green Road by Anne Enright 2014 / 312 pages (K) read by: Alana Kerr, Lloyd James, Gerard Doyle: 9h 45m rating:  8  Back in 1980,  in Ardeevin, Co. Clare 19-year old Dan Madigan told his family he was going to be a priest. … Continue reading

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Satin Island

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy 2015 / 208 pages rating 8 / contemp fiction Tom McCarthy has done it again.  His last novel was a hum-dinger of experimental fiction focusing on war and the letter “C”  in fact,  that was the title, … Continue reading

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