Suspect ~ by Scott Turow

Pinky (or Clarissa if you prefer) is a curious sort of youngish woman. She’s a natural detective, so when Rick, her step-brother, offered her a job as an investigator for his law firm she jumps at it.  Pinky is 33 years old, bright, courageous, funny, bisexual and awkward all at e same time.

By Scott Turow
2022 – 
Read by Helen Laser 
Rating:  A- / courtroom-thriller 
Kindle County series #12) 

The crime she was investigating was whether the chief of police is harassing (in a sexual way) the male officers under her supervision.  Yes, the female chief is quite guilty of sexual harassment. That case is now in a high profile trial and there’s some  good courtroom drama here. 

But with that case gone to trial, the curiosity of Pinky’s life at the moment is her neighbor in #2 which is what she calls him until they meet, “Two.”.  He’s kind of strange, older than she is, single and dorky. She follows him around town as he goes on his daily walks doing nothing much .She’s simply become curious about him so after a few weeks of this he confronts her and they meet and become friendly. Still, she continues to think he’s up to something. 

Nothing else much happens until about 1/2 way through the book when a body is found and the hunt and chase is on for reals.  These are scamming cops in lots of ways and there are some very twisty plots going on. 

Turow’s writing is masterful as usual and I’d like to see this become a series but …  My only complain is that the nicknames for everyone gets confusing. 

The narrator here is excellent.  

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