The Maze ~ by Nelson DeMille 

Starting in about 1990 I’ve read about 10 of Nelson DeMille’s thrillers. I read some in paperback and, after 2000 or so via Audible.  Of the main series with John Corey I’ve read 4 or 5. (scroll down to see all the series). This is the series which starts with Plum Island, possibly the best of his books. 

The Maze 
by Nelson DeMille 
2022 / 
Read by Scott Brick 15h 42m
Rating C- / crime thriller
(8th in John Carey series) 

In The Maze the egotistical and smart-ass John Corey is back being his old arrogant and “politically incorrect” self to the point of real annoyance.  That’s one reason I stopped reading these books  The stories are okay though. The idea of the maze is from a large hedge maze on the land next door and used for some capers of the bad guys. 

Overall, I found the story predictable and using a rather coarse and gritty situation.  Scott Brick is his usual over-emoting self which I can only stand once in a great while now. He used to be one of my very favorite narrators. I don’t know anyone I’d recommend this to.      

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