Freeze Frame ~ by Peter May

As the result of a dare with a journalist, Enzo MacLeod , a forensic specialist, is tackling a series of 7 unsolved crimes. In this, the 4th, we find him on a tiny island off the coast of Brittany where, 20 years prior, an elderly man was murdered while his son was temporarily out of the country. He leaves instructions with his daughter-in-law not to change anything in the study as his son would deal with it when he got home.  Unfortunately the son was killed in an accident.  The widow left the room totally unchanged for 20 years – and then Enzo arrives. 

 Freeze Frame 
By Peter May
 2010 (294 pages)
Read by Peter Forbes 9h 30m 
Rating: A- / mystery 

But there had bene a trial and a man against whom ether was good evidence was exonerated because the police botched the job.  There have been very bad feelings ever since.  
That’s where Enzo is. And that’s the crime he solves.

What are the clues in the study and who killed the old man 20 years ago?  

Excellent reading –

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