14th Deadly Sin ~ by James Paterson and Maxine Paetro

Sad to say I skipped The Women’s Mystery Club #13 – I’ll have to catch it later.  I only discovered this after I was half-way through 14th Deadly Sin and I really didn’t want to go backwards.  

Fortunately #14 doesn’t have as much romance in it and Lindsay has now been a mommy for long enough to be able to get on with her job which is why I read the books.  

14th Deadly Sin
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Read by January LeVoy
Rating: A / procedural -legal thriller

The Women’s Murder Club is simply a group of women friends who all have ties to the criminal justice system in San Francisco.  There’s Lindsay Boxer, the protagonist, the star of the novels who is employed as a San Francisco Detective of some rank.  Yuki is the young Japanese-Hispanic-American lawyer of the Club, and is prosecuting the city for the wrongful arrest and jail-house death of a mentally slow but very good young man.  Cindy is a crime reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and has just had a book published. They each have boyfriends or husbands. Claire is black woman, large and very competent. 

The 14th Deadly Sin gets quite gritty and violent but it’s a good tangled plot. The writing is plain so the reader can keep his mind on the plot and the character development which are very good. This is really a women’s murder mystery series intended for women readers the personal lives of the main characters are typical of many romance novels. (And I read the books for the crime procedural and legal parts – not the romance. (I tend to be allergic to romance but I tolerate some.) 

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