12th of Never ~ by James Patterson and Maxine Praeto

First off, 12th of Never starts slow and has a lot of tension breaks to delve into the side plots or interests (?). Second, there is just too much “women’s interest” &. romance in it for my tastes. The tension breakers go along with the overarching personal home lives of the protagonists. There’s too much new mommy-hood here.  I love the Women’s Murder Club for the plots, the general characters on their own, and the blow-out thriller parts.  I don’t tolerate romance well unless it’s kept to a minimum and either absolutely peripheral to the story or central. An example which is great is the Dave Robicheau series by James Lee Burke. Mostly so far the Women’s Murder Club has been fine, but in 12th of Never it’s over-the-top when the personal lives took over. The minus sign in my rating is because of that.  

12th of Never 
by James Patterson and Maxine Praeto 
Read by January Lavoy; 7h 6m
Rating: A- / crime-thriller 

But I thoroughly enjoyed the crimes and procedurals and twisty plot development involved. As usual there are several  plot lines which twist around each other but never really even touch each other. In the 12th of Never there’s a trial going on which involves a murder and a kidnapping. There are a series of murders which are predicted by a man who says he is clairvoyant.  There’s a guy in jail who is scheming after Lindsay I believe he’s a carry-over from the 11th book.  

Overall this book kept me hooked and listening carefully.  

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