Confidence by Denise Mina

This was recommended by a fellow 4-Mystery-Addicts group member whose tastes often jive with mine.  Also, I read the 1st of this series, Conviction, and this, #2, is the latest book.  The novels feature “Anna and Fin” as kind of amateur detectives (in loose senses of the term). Anna listens to true crime podcasts and gets involved.  The first one started her off, when a crime pod-cast she listened to dealt with her own prior life. The second in involves other people a lot of other people and places.

by Denise Mina

Read by Rona Morrison and Jonathan Keeble 
7h 29m
Rating:  A / crime-thriller 

Actually, it involves lots of other people and places and things like a guy from South Africa and a Hungarian girl, a defrocked Catholic priest, and a box or casket which supposedly contains items from the cruxifixction itself.  That casket, along with the disappearances of the podcaster, are the focal points of the mystery. 

Anna and Fin travel a lot. Physically, they travel around Scotland, where they live, to Paris and Rome. Then digitally they visit all sorts of places like Hungary, Beirut and Boston.

Starting slow things get crazy-mixed up for awhile around 20%, but that clears and at about 1/3 it gets somewhat exciting.  At 1/2 it’s really interesting and at 3/4 it’s downright page-turning.  

Warning – it does deal with very unpleasant violence to self and others.  

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