11th Hour by James Patterson and Maxine Praeto

Oh I do enjoy these novels.  There are little things which annoy me but overall they fix me when I’m mentally weary of nonfiction or literary fiction or maybe I’m just mentally weary of stress. I have no doubt I’ll finish the series but maybe not this year because I’m going at the rate of 1 or 2 books a month and I’ve got about 10 to go.  

11th Hour
by James Patterson and Maxine Praeto 

Read by January LaVoy – 6h 47m
Rating – A+ / crime thriller
(11th in Women’s Murder Club series)

Seven skulls are found in the garden of a man who was arrested, but found not guilty of killing his wife; they never found his wife’s body.  Meanwhile a vigilante of sorts is on the loose gunning for drug dealers – this might be a fellow police officer.  

And so it goes with two cases going at the same time for 6 hours 47 minutes while January LaVoy gives a masterful reading.  Plus there’s the overarching connecting plots of Lindsay Boxer and her friends as they go through life. (This is what makes it a series.) 

This is escapist, genre fiction – it’s formatted. It’s nothing special, but it gets the A from me because it’s very good at “developing” these characters and building tension. San Francisco sometimes plays higher than other times. The tension is high and higher with occasional breaks for a bit of romance (which I do NOT like).

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