Take Your Breath Away ~ by Linwood Barclay

I’m not that fond of domestic thrillers. I prefer police procedurals, who-done-its, amateur sleuthing and legal thrillers. This one sounded different and quite interesting. I’ve read a couple of Linwood Barclay books and he writes okay. 

Take Your Breath Away
by Linwood Barclay 

2022 / 
Read by a cast 10h 1m
Rating: B+ / crime-suspense 

The plot is original and twisty. A woman who disappeared 6 years prior, and actually was thought to have been murdered, shows up back in town. Andrew, her husband, was heavily suspected of the murder, but now has another woman living with him. He’s very confused but determined. The murder victim’s relatives are now involved with their mother dying.  And the woman who lives with Andrew has a troubled brother who is orphaned and also lives with them.

Meanwhile, there is a police officer, Marissa Hardy, who seems to be a bit too aggressive in her pursuit of Andrew and whatever else she smells going on. I really disliked her – Barclay is quite good with characters.

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