Front Row at the Trump Show ~ by Jonathan Karl

Front Row at the Trump Show
by Jonathan Karl
read by the author 10h 16m
rating 8 / current events

Good book but I was wrong in trying to read it now with the pandemic at its height (I hope). There’s nothing really new in it except that this is really looking AT IT from a journalist’s point of view. Karl is pretty middle of the road and not a New York Times reporter but has worked for CNN and ABC among others. He’s been a serious regular at the press briefings held by several presidents. So his opinion and reporting count.

There are new incidents slipped in among the ones I’ve read about prior, but they show the same Trump for the most part, except that Karl is not quite as anti-Trump in his opinions. It was good for me to read because I know I tend to live in a “blue bubble.” There is balance though and plenty of criticism of President #45.

What I really need right now though is an escapist crime novel, a good history book, Orr something else – so long as it’s not about that man in the White House.

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