St. Paul ~ by Karen Armstrong

St Paul: The Apostle We Love to Hate
by Karen Armstrong
2015 /  159 pages
read by author  – 5h 21m
rating – 8 / Bible history-biography

 Armstrong is always pretty good although I’m not sure she should read her own works. I do enjoy having a print version to go with my reading though and I did this time, too.

This book simply covers the life of St Paul, as much as we know of it and that’’s limited to what’s in the Bible and a few supporting sources . 

I wrote a term paper on Paul’s attitude toward women for a college class on Women in European History and Armstrong seemed to take the same position I did which was validating.  

Anyway,  if you’re interested, this is a very good book and it I guess it covers what’s known without too much speculation on what isn’t – like what happened to him or his sexuality.  I think it clarified Paul’s views from other views at the time.  It also   separates Paul’s ideas from what I know of Jesus actual ideas.  

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