I did it!

After a long while of thinking and then procrastinating I finally removed a lot of excess padding from this site. The individual posts go back to 2011 and there were some from prior to that – from when I had my iWeb site. Almost all of the posts used to have pages to go with them. It got unwieldy and very messy. This is what I did on my coronavirus time out.

I decided to eliminate all (or almost all) of the pages and although some of the older ones were the reviews themselves, mostly the reviews are on the posts which are kept in the Archives, (look in the side menu). But sad to say sometimes back in 2012-2015 the second part of the review is missing.

Cleaning out this site has been a long term project and now it’s finished and I can contemplate what to put here – probably more of the same, but just one (1) copy of each post, thank you.

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3 Responses to I did it!

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    Wow, that sounds like a mammoth task…
    the only thing I would ask is, have you tagged the book title and author of the ones lurking in the archives? For example, as you know, I always try to link to my friends’ reviews when they’ve reviewed the same book. So if I wanted to find a book on your blog because you recommended it, I wouldn’t look through all those archives, I would just type the name of the book or the author into your search box. If you’d tagged that book/author, it will come up in the search results.
    Doing this helps me too, when I want to find one of my own posts quickly…


    • I haven’t tagged them but the books are findable by title (key word) or by author via the Search box. I kind of wish I’d tagged them by genre but if I haven’t done it for 9 years (1500+ books) it’s a bit too much to go back and start. I’ve thought about it though.


      • Lisa Hill says:

        Now’s the time!
        Not so long ago, somebody wished that I’d tagged my review books by setting, and I thought, no, no way, what a nightmare, I have 3000+ posts on my blog, too much work etc.
        But I did it anyway. I just did a page or two (of my posts list) a day, until it was done. And now I find it really useful:)


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