This Land Is Their Land ~ by David Silverman

Just released this year, I thought it might be a good read for Thanksgiving. And it was that, although more the reason behind “day of mourning” than gratitude. I’d read a fair amount about the real “first Thanksgiving” in the US where the new colonists got together with the local natives to feast and “give thanks,” but not nearly all the detail this book goes into.

This Land Is Their Land
by David Silverman
2019 / 515 pages
read by William Roberts
rating: 9.2 / US history
(read and listene

The book covers the period from before the Pilgrims landed and the “first Thanksgiving” through end of King Phillip’s War fifty years later, Manifest Destiny and even the 21st century. There was a lot of surprising information especially regarding what happened after King Philips War when what transpired gets outrageous. The focus is always on the Wamp-anoag and their lot as time went on.

Imo, Silverman goes a bit over the top at the end where he advocates for changes in the schools and society.

I have The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee by David Treuer (Native Americans since 1890) on my Audible Wish List, but likely will not get to that until after the new year. I do so enjoy Native American (or First Nation/aboriginal) history.

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