A Fatal Feast ~ by Jessica Fletcher/Donald Bain

I like to read a holiday book or two at holiday time so this year I got A Fatal Feast for fiction and This Land is Their Land by Barbara Ehrenreich for nonfiction. The Ehrenreich book was outstanding and A Fatal Feast rather silly by comparison. Oh well, that’s what I expected.

A Fatal Feast
by Jessica Fletcher/Donald Bain
2009 /
read by Sandra Burr – 7h 58m
rating: B- / cozy mystery

Jessica has been receiving mysterious and somewhat threatening letters in the mail but she goes on with her Thanksgiving plans. She invites a number of people to her home for a traditional dinner including her friend George from London, Seth the local doctor, other old friends and new plus an odd stranger who has been observing in town.

The murder takes place half-way through and after that it gets interesting with clues, possibilities and twists.

I did like the way Fletcher/Bain handled the contemporary view of Thanksgiving and other contemporary (2009) matters.

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