The Shotgun Lawyer ~ by Victor Methos

The interesting thing about this courtroom drama is that the highlighted case involves holding a gun manufacturer responsible for the deaths in the school shooting its product was used for. The mother of one of the victims contacts Pete Game, a low-level but popular attorney, about representing her. He’s the only lawyer in town who will take the case because not only is it pretty well impossible to win from the outset, but she wants a couple million dollars (for charity), an apology and a few other things

The Shotgun Lawyer
by Victor Methos
2018 / 349 pages
read by Will Damron 9h 32m
rating: B+ / courtroom drama


The characters are sympathetic with the bad guys being downright villainous. The plot has some excellent twists and tangle, with a bit too much coincidence, and the tension builds nicely.

I enjoyed it, but I’ve read better and I although I certainly agree with the “message,” the book may be a bit preachy for fiction.

I’ve read a few books by Methos before, not a lot. There’s one more in my wishlist for later – maybe in a few months.

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