Ancient Civilizations of North America ~ (Great Courses / Edwin Barnhart

I’m not really a fan of the Great Courses material but once in awhile I’ll get one which piques my interest. I’ve got 6 so far and read 5.

Native Americans have interested me since college days when one of my professors presented them as quite heroic but certainly not perfect. These guys became real to me.

Ancient Civilizations of North America ~ (Great Courses)
by Edwin Barnhart / 2018
read by author 12h 19m
rating – 9 / North American History

That’s how Barnhart approaches the subject. Ancient natives were neither like those in Dances With Wolves nor like the primary source material of 19th century US military personnel.

Barnhart takes the reader from the earliest days of European contact in the south and southwest though the days of Custer in the Midwest and on to the Iroquois confederacy and Squanto.

I really enjoyed this one and I’m going on to read a *history* of Thanksgiving which it all kind of led up to. Barnhart has another book about the ancient natives of South America but I don’t think I’m interested. There’s so much to read.

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