Missing You ~ by Harlan Coben

I’ve read a fair number of Coben’s books and I enjoy them in spite of myself – they’re kind of my limit in terms of gritty without literary value.

Kat Donavan,  a homicide detective and the daughter of a cop  who was murdered many years prior,  has been given a membership to a dating site.  There she finds her old boyfriend,  fiancé, who also left her life many years ago and whom she’s never been able to quite get over .

Missing You
by Harlan Coben
2014 / 416 pages
read by January LaVoy – 11h 46m
rating B-    /  suspense-crime

All this comes to a head when Brandon’s mother goes missing and Brandon, a teenage boy whose father is deceased,  seeks out Cat for help.    They appear to be unrelated cases but the reader knows they’ll be intertwined .

On some level there’s a  rather compelling story  involved,  for me anyway,  but when it gets to what the culprits are actually doing – well …  (sigh).    And although some of the plot twists are interesting and  a bit twisty, there are also times when I was either bored or  disgusted.  Yes,  I’ll read Harlan Coben again because he’s written a lot better thrillers, but it will likely be awhile.

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3 Responses to Missing You ~ by Harlan Coben

  1. Dagny says:

    I think I had a similar experience with Coben – tried one book and gave up. Maybe I’ll give one another shot and skip over the gross parts, lol.


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