Poison ~ by John Lescroart

The plot is great, an old fashioned murder by poison –  in the tea – makes a death look like a heart attack.  And the characters are right up there with the best Lescroart has written – family issues and a lot of money involved plus Dismas’ wife and son and good old Abe Glitzky from the prior books in the series.   San Francisco is still  … of course … San Francisco,  right down to Market Street and China Town.   But …  there’s something different.   The reader is kind of mellow –   it’s not David Collacci.   Oh well,  it’s not Robert Lawrence either so …



by John Lescroart
2018 / 304 pages
read by Jacques Roy  – 9h 9m 
rating:   B+ /  crime -legal thriller 

By the time Dismas Hardy finds out that Abby Jarvis, an old client,  needs a lawyer on murder charge,  she’s already been arrested and arraigned for the murder of Grant Wagner.   But Dismas,  still feeling the pains of a past gunshot injury, gets down to the jail house anyway.

Wagner was the owner of a manufacturing company and the patriarch of a family of four children,  his wife is deceased.  It looked like he’d had a heart attack but after a second autopsy,  insisted on by one of his daughters,  it was found he’d been poisoned.

The clincher of the evidence against Abby,  to the police anyway,  was that she had spent a year in jail for vehicular manslaughter – while drunk.  But as the whole story unfolds it turns out there was also an affair,  embezzling,  a million-dollar inclusion in a will,  and more.   There certainly seems to be plenty of evidence against her.   But she insists she didn’t do it and for a variety of reasons,  Dismas’  believes she’s innocent.

Also,  Wagner’s children cannot believe that Abby,  a devoted employee of many years, would kill their father.   They don’t like any part of it actually,  because they were getting ready to cash in on a big deal by selling the company.   There’s plenty of motive to go around.

Also,  Wyatt Hunt,  Dismas’ cousin who has his own series,  joins Dismas in this book – nice.

Fuzi – tea aka Aconite   /  https://www.cnn.com/2017/03/21/health/poisoned-herbal-tea-death-san-francisco/index.html

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2 Responses to Poison ~ by John Lescroart

  1. Carmen says:

    Interesting premise. It seems by your comments that the author delivered.


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