Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

This one is a pretty good book if you enjoy Harlan Coben’s stand alones with the usual high suspense,  decent characters and twisty plots. If you’ve read much by Coben,  it’s standard fare, but I don’t read his books back-to-back so the vague similarity doesn’t bother me – I do note it,  though.   That said –  this one is good.

Fool Me Once
by Harlan Coben
2016 /  464 pages
read by January LaVoy 10h 5m
rating:  A+  / crime 

Maya Burkett was suddenly turned into a widow with a young daughter when she and her husband,  Joe Burkett,  were attacked while on an evening walk near their home.  Both Maya and Joe are retired military having served several missions in the Middle East.  Maya is tormented by PTSD of some sort.

After Joe is killed Maya hires a nanny and installs a nanny-cam just to be safe.  And then one day when she’s out she reviews the footage and sees her deceased husband in the film.  Then the SD card is missing.  Besides this she’s apparently a suspect in her husband’s death.  Going on her own investigative mission she finds a lot of things but how do they connect – and why is she being followed?

If you enjoy good suspenseful novels give Coben a try – the suspense manages to overcome the mediocre writing.

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  1. Dagny says:

    This is one of those authors whose name has been long familiar but that I’ve never read. Sounds like I should give him a shot.

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