The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Puke (!)  in general and as far as any redeeming literary value,  but I have to say that with some qualifiers because there are a few redeeming features to the novel – they’re just not at all literary.    Also,  and as a  disclaimer – I’m reading this for a reading group and not on my own because I had a feeling I’d react this way.

nighthanAnyway,  the pukey part:  The protagonists are two completely and 100% sympathetic young women who absolutely know “right” from “wrong” (to the thinking of 21st century US readers, anyway).   So when their grand old family home somewhere north of Paris is taken over by the occupying forces in the form of a Nazi commander in June of 1940,  they do what all good and true heroines do – they rise to the occasion in beauty, bravery and the highest moral road.

Vienne Rossignol, the elder of  two  sisters,  is a homebody,  sweetly trying to protect herself and her child for Antoine, her devoted husband, who is so bravely fighting for France and then taken captive.   If she errs it’s out of fear and in order to protect her family and friends because the  “right” thing to do is to keep her child safe and to stay pure and faithful for her husband.  >>>>MORE (no major spoilers)>>>>

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