The Incarnations by Susan Barker

This is historical fiction about China and it’s quite well researched – as far as I can tell – and that’s what drew me to it.  Sad to say there were only parts which maintained my interest because to get to the history you have to slog through a lot of sex and violence – to the point of gratuitous and extreme – and that’s not interesting to me.

incarnationThe Incarnations
by Susan Barker
2015 / 374 pages
rating – 6

Susan Barker is the daughter of a British father and a Chinese mother – she lives in London but writes tales about China.   The Incarnations is not something I’d recommend to the average reader –  it  starts slow and doesn’t pick up until toward the end of Chapter 6 when I was reminded of Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian, (1990)  a novel which includes a lot of Chinese folktales.   Gao Xinjiang won the Nobel prize in lit in 2000 in large part for that amazing work.  But Barker is no Xingjian.

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