Alias Olympia:

olympiaAlias Olympia: A Woman’s Search for Manet’s Notorious Model & Her Own Desire
by Eunice Lipton
1992 / 192 pages
rating – 3 / feminist memoir

Lipton writes about Édouard Manet’s notorious model Victorine Meurent and pads it out with  autobiographical material from her own life as well as completely fabricated sections from Meurent.  Lipton implies that she is looking for herself.

  • Pay attention to the whole title – this is NOT a book of art history – it’s a feminist memoir about her search for information about a painter/model woman who is not even named in the title.

To me Meurent looks a bit haughty there on the cover, softly defiant and beautiful.  Fr0m the paintings and very little else, Lipton thinks she sees similarities of character but she’s obviously looking for them in order to resolve her own issues – historians don’t work like that – they try not to work like that –  but Lipton wants to call herself that for some reason.   If the painted evidence is accurate,  Meurent was physically beautiful and she was also a modestly talented painter. >>>>MORE>>>> 

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