Marriage of Opposites

marriageMarriage of Opposites
by Alice Hoffman
2015/ 384 pages
read by Gloria Ruben and others 13h 26m
rating 6  / historical romance

Once in awhile I need a book which just does NOT cut it.  It makes me appreciate the good ones more.   So let’s hope this is it for awhile – I’ve had my fill in the last few weeks.

Anyway,  the Inquisition resulted in many Jewish people leaving Spain and some of their descendants got to the Danish colony of St. Thomas in the 17th century.   That’s the setting for the largely imagined life of of Rachel Pissarro – historic mother of Camille Pissarro, the important French impressionist.

Too many lost mothers, some odd and unbelievable magic with the descriptions of realism,  forbidden love across generations,  and completely 21st century attitudes except for the witchcraft spells and fortune telling.  “Haint blue” is a light turquoise green – it wards off evil – it’s important in A Marriage of Opposites.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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