History of the Rain

rainHistory of the Rain
by Niall Williams
2014/ 368 pages
read by Jennifer McGrath 11h 29m
rating – 8 / Irish humor – fiction

This is a story about tales,  folk tales, biographical tales, literary tales, make-believe tales and historical tales,  etc.  There’s some realism and some magical realism here,  there are jokes and tall tales.   It’s kind of lovely in a ways,  but  I had to get in about 100 pages to appreciate it.

Actually,  I got started and I listened and listened and finally realized that this was probably a really excellent book which was going straight through my ears.   So at about half way,  I restarted the whole thing.  –  There’s something going on here about salmon and fishing and water and Ireland and so on that just wasn’t clicking – in all likelihood because I’m not the least bit Irish. >>>>MORE>>>>

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