The Unexpected Professor:

professorThe Unexpected Professor: An Oxford Life in Books
by John Carey
2014/ 384 pages
rating: 8.25 / biography-lit crit

Carey is a highly acclaimed English literary critic, professor and writer in London.  This is a memoir of his going from a fairly normal middle class child to all he is.

Really mixed reaction to this book – in some places it is so fine and I was so excited reading it.  In other places I was bored almost to skimming – but then check out my rating.  lol

The first couple chapters were semi-fascinating but in Chapter 3 I got bored – this is the life of a normal kid in England circa mid-20th century.   Fortunately in Chapter 5 the whole sense of the book changed when Carey started to get into analyzing literature –  that’s what I wanted.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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