The Lake House

lakehouseThe Lake House
by Kate Morton
2015/ 512 pages
read by Caroline Lee 21h 24m
rating:  B /  historical crime-romance (literary?)

Morton has 6 books out now,  a couple of them have been best sellers and she has a strong fan base.  I’ve been tempted ever since The House at Riverton (2007) because going by the blurbs,  the novels sound like they’re suspense-filled mysteries, but for some reason I’ve been put off.  Perhaps the narrator in the sample is a bit difficult for me to understand easily – a strong British accent (to my California ears).  Anyway,  after seeing several exuberant posts about the book on a couple of my email lists,  I succumbed.

The frame story involves Sadie Sparrow in 2003 as she investigates an old crime she comes across while on forced leave from her job with the police department somewhere. The case just intrigues her curious mind.  In the same time frame are the characters of Sadie’s grandfather with whom she stays,  Alice Edevane, a prominent 80+ year old author of best-selling mystery tales,  Peter,  Alice’s well-educated assistant and  a police detective who remembers the old case.  >>>>MORE (no spoilers)>>>> 

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