Down Among the Dead Men

Down Among the Dead Men
by Peter Lovesy
2015 / 384 pages
read by Simon Prebble 10h 41m
(15th in the Peter Diamond series)

I’d not read any of Peter Lovesly’s books prior to this one  and I enjoyed it.  Actually,  I’m coming to enjoy non-US crime novels more and more.  I’ve read English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelander, Italian, Russian, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, South African,  Botswanan,  French,  Japanese, Australian, and likely others – depending on the term “crime.”

The group 4-Mystery Addicts (4-MA) chose this to read for December and I decided to try it.   Never read a book by Peter Lovesy before (so this completes my new-to-you authors challenge.)
>>>>MORE (no spoilers)>>>> 

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