The Rose Hotel:

rosehotelThe Rose Hotel: A Memoir of Secrets, Loss and Love
by Rahimeh Andalibian
2012 / 328 pages (Kindle)
Rating ___ / memoir
(Published by National Geographic)

Rahimeh Andalibian is a US citizen now,  a doctor of psychology  practicing systemic psychology and specializing in trauma for over 20 years.

But she  had her own story to tell about families and secrets and revolution – also of love and resilience.

There is no particular literary value here – nothing to note except perhaps that the tension builds very nicely and includes a couple or more unexpected twists. Much of this is due to the story itself but there is some literary feel to it because of a very light use of backstory – mostly it’s in chronological order though.  The style and structure,  the literary elements pretty well fit the subject – it’s a nice memoir of a really terrible time and I think it helped me to understand a bit better what refugees go through.   >>>>MORE>>>>

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