The Harder They Come

haderThe Harder They Come
by T.C. Boyle
2015 / 400 pages
read by Graham Hamilton (A)
rating 8.5 / contemp. fiction

I’ve been reading Boyle since his amazing “Tortilla Curtain” in  1996 or so and by now I’ve read most of his books –  missing 6 out of 15.   I’ve also read his humungous book of short stories – 1998 and the occasional magazine short story.

For an epigraph Boyle uses, “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer. It has never yet melted.”  It perfectly captures the spirit of the characters in the book.

Sten Stensen and his wife Caroline are on vacation in Costa Rica when the little group of seniors with whom they’re touring is accosted by thugs.   Well – Sten does what any good old aging but independent-thinking Vietnam vet would do,  he gets the leader in a chokehold and, knowing exactly what he’s doing, kills him.  And then he’s suddenly a hero.  A hero who is a bit paranoid, angry and very tired.   >>>>MORE>>>>

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