The Night Guest

nightguestThe Night Guest
by Fiona McFarlane (Australian)
2013 / 257 pages
read by Lisbeth Kennelly  9h 15m (B+)
rating: 8/ literary suspense

At first Ruth, a 70-something woman who lives alone in a rather remote part of  Australia and near the sea, thinks she hears a tiger,  but it is very clear it is not in the house.  It’s also clear to the reader that there is no flesh and blood tiger involved.

Next thing we know, a woman named Frieda shows up to help with the grooming and housework – she says she’s from the government,  but is that  totally true?  It seems rather odd because nobody sent for her. Friends stays only there for a few hours a day at first,   otherwise she lives with her brother George.  She’s simply a “care provider.”  >>>MORE>>>>

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