The Paying Guests

payingThe Paying Guests
by Sarah Waters
2014 /  576 pages
read by Juliet Stevenson 21h 26m
Rating-  4.5*  / romance / crime  (lesbian)
(*1 for the first half and 8 for the second half)

Okay – so under some pressure (“it gets better!”  “Yes, a slow start.”)   I caved and picked the book up again – or rather – stuck the earplugs back in.  Only about 9 hours to go.  lol –

Waters is certainly  a master of suspense, carefully building and building and then,  after as long as she can possibly stretch it out,  “something happens.”

Then,  of f course, there are repercussions,  but  – ah – a chance for more suspense building.   And so the suspense builds and builds and builds until finally something “exciting” happens.   Other mystery novelists do the same thing and I get irritated when I’m 2/3rds of the way through the book before someone dies.   “The author is setting the stage,” say the enthusiasts – “Hog-wash,   get on with it,”  say the critics.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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