Morality Play

moralityMorality Play
by Barry Unsworth
1996 / 206 pages
read by Michael Maloney 5h 34m
rating – 9.25 /  literary crime (but the narration is very poor)
* read and listened*

Somewhere in northern England one December in mid- to late 14th century  a runaway priest , our first person narrator,  comes upon a dead man’s body, quickly hides,  and then the dead man’s companions show up.   This priest, who goes by the name of Nicholas, has encountered a group of traveling players whose occupation is to present portions of the Bible for the entertainment and enlightenment of various local communities. See  for some background.

But now with their beloved Brendon dead,  who will play the role of the Devil’s Fool?  The priest of course, and he pleads for the role basically because he’s hungry.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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