11/23 The Greater Journey

  • The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris
  • by David McCullough
  • 2011/ 576 pages /
  • rating 8.5

I was actually disappointed in what I thought was an oh-so-promising book.  I guess I bought the hype but I’ve read much better books by this author, too.  But when McCullough is good,  he’s very, very good and this book is that, too.
Americans went to France in the 19th century and brought back the art and the medicine if not the politics.  We owe much of our cultural heritage to France and McCullough goes to great lengths to point that out.   MORE

In other news –  I started Ransom by David Malouf – short book but very, very satisfying trip back to Prius and Achilles of the Trojan War and how Prius grieves for his son.  I’ll finish tomorrow,  I’m sure –  while the turkey is cooking.  🙂

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