11/19 thoughts –

 I started The Greater Journey by David McCullough and that is certainly a very “rich” book – it feels like I’m involved with a double-rich chocolate eclaire.   So I can’t read too much at a time.  It is delightful though,  fun,  well written.  There’s just so much to take in!  I’ll have to read a chapter a day and leave it at that.

Also started listening to John Grisham’s new release,  The Litigators.   This is Grisham at his light-hearted best with two low-life ambulance chasing lawyers trying to get involved in a big bucks class action suit.

I continue to make progress on Finnegans Wake – I’m up to page 356 or so.  I read about 10 pages a day I’ll finish by the end of the year.   I keep the book in the bathroom.  (lol)   Scarily enough,  there are parts which very nearly make sense and it’s fun reading along and finding them and realizing that oops!  Here’s Ireland’s history.  Here’s a love scene (of sorts).  Here’s a funeral!

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