11/10 – I tried (Gosta Berling)

I tried –  I got over half-way so a review is probably in order.  I’ll do something.  I won’t count it as a “finished” book and I’ll amend this if I ever get around to finishing it.  Right now I’ve got to the point of skimming and that’s not fair to it. The book is The Saga of Gosta Berling by Selma Lagerlof written in 1899.  It’s a 400 page collection of stories about one Gosta Berling,  a young male Cavalier, a veteran, an ex-minister,  “a poet and a picker and a problem when he’s stoned,”  (Bob Dylan). I read the first stories carefully and enjoyed them but for me,  it culminated when the bear was shot and went straight downhill from there.  I stopped caring about any of them.  The premise is good and I did write up some summaries and a review.


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