I Will Find You ~ by Harlan Conan

I Will Find You was on my Wish List because I enjoy the occasional suspenseful and gritty works of Harlan Conan.  And then, yesterday there came a sale so Audible kindly notified me something on my Wish List was On Sale. .  LOL  (This is an advantage to having a rather lengthy Wish List.)

I Will Find You 
by Harlan Conan
Read by Steven Weber 10h 16m
Rating: B+ / mystery-thriller 

David Burroughs, the story’s protagonist and frequent 1st person narrator, is serving a life sentence for the murder of his 3-year old son.  He says he was wrongfully convicted, but is too depressed to fight the case.  He even says he was “responsible” in some vague way. but still insists he “didn’t do it.”  We believe him, but virtually no one else does.  His family claims he was mentally ill at the time.  

 The warden at the prison is David’s close friend going back to childhood years. And that close friend is a very close friend of his father so it’s like 2 generations of close friendships. This friend who is now warden has seen to it that David is kept in a more secure wing of the prison and looks out for him in some other ways.  

One day David’s ex-sister-in-law pays him an unexpected visit and shows him some photos. Is Matthew still alive?  It gets complicated and twisted and quite unlikely, but I enjoyed it, as usual with Cuban’s books; they’re entertaining. 

 Steven Weber does a very skillful job of narrating the book. I’ve enjoyed his work before and will likely continue.  

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