The Paris Diversion ~ by Chris Pavone

I read The Ex-Pats by Chris Pavone years ago, in 2012 going by my blog, and rated it a B+ .When The Paris Diversion came out, t almost  jogged my memory. but not quite. Then I saw it on sale a few weeks ago and got it but stashed it. When I did get it started something felt familiar, in fact, I thought maybe I’d read it before!  I checked the plot summary again and no- I have not ever read this book.  It’s a sequel to The Ex-Pats which was released in 2012 and I read not too long later.  That’s long enough to forget major parts though.  

The Paris Diversionn
by Chris Pavone
Read by Mozhan Marno 12h 7m
Rating –  8.5 / spy suspense – 

Now, a few years down the road, Kate  and Dexter are living in Paris with their sons and again, not really knowing much about each others’  business, keeping secrets from each other even though they both still carry a load of guilt. They’re both afraid of something, but there are a number of places that fear could originate. Meanwhile a paid Muslim terrorist is on the streets. 

Pavone is great. I’m read along with the tension slowly building in short chapters moving from one character’s actions to another with some suspicious dialogue or activity when suddenly there’s a serious plot twist. One item of interest opens a door in the plot and moves the reader along toward what looks like an imminent nightmare or chaos 

This is not a conventional spy novel. The protagonists and their “assets” as well as their victims are going after the big bucks in international investment banking and con games. Their enemies are any kind of law enforcement as well as each other. That said, it definitely feels 100% like a spy thriller The first book is not so strongly oriented that way but in this book the 2nd in the series, there were times I was very confused simply due to the nature of the spy game.. I just kept reading and the explanations came later although I did have to reread a chapter or two.  

Pavone writes very nicely and the narrator Mozhan Marno, is excellent.  I likely should have read the first book

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