Santa’s Little Yelpers ~ by David Rosenfelt

I’ve read 7 of the 26 Andy Carpenter novels and 6 of those have been the Christmas books.  I really should read more of the series because they’re “legal thrillers” (of a sort) and kind of fun. I can get some of these from my library. They’re quite popular. And although there have regularly recurring characters and some overarching plot development, the plots independent. 

Santa’s Little Yelpers
by David Rosenfelt
2022 /
read by Grover Gardener 6h 41m
Rating B+ / cozy legal crime

# 26 in Andy Carpenter series

This one was just released on October 11 of this year and it’s read by Grover Gardner so I had to get it. ! It’s old home week.  

Andy Carpenter’s former client Chris Meyers was wrongfully convicted of something, even now when he’s been released from  jail, he continues to deny doing. Upon release he began working at Andy’s dog shelter. Then one of the witnesses against him comes to Chris and reveals that he lied in court.  Chris goes to Andy for help and the next thing we know the informer is killed and Chris is incarcerated again. It seems this informer was working for a mob boss and the troubles are much deeper than they appear. 

These are fun books with complex crimes and trials. 

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