A Deadly Feast ~ by Lucy Burdette

This series takes place in Key West, Florida where Thanksgiving is coming up along with the wedding of the Hayley Snow, the series protagonist who works as a food writer.  But a few days earlier a woman dies on a seafood tasting tour. Was it poisoning?  And Hayley’s fiancé, a police detective, is called to a case he can’t talk about. 

A Deadly Feast 
by Lucy Burdette 
Read by Laura Jennings 6h 35m
Rating:   B / cozy holiday mystery 
(#9 in the Key West Food Critic series)

With the groom being a police detective, crime and secrets are scattered all through the tale.  And overall it’s a good story – the plot is clever and twisty, the characters nicely defined and the writing is adequate for a cozy mystery.  

But (!) there’s too much romance and too much cooking chatter.  It feels intrusive.  

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