The Guise of Another ~ by Allen Eskens

I’ve read all of Eskens’ novels and enjoyed them tremendously and then I discovered I had not read this one.  I have no idea why not but I think it may have been because I thought it was more of a war book.  It’s not about war.  It’s about 2 brothers who are both police detectives.  Alex, the younger one, is very competitive while Max, the older one, tries to be accommodating but the younger one gets in trouble at work and is trying to clear his name without this big brother’s help.  

The Guise of Another 
by Allen Eskens 2015
Read by Jonathan Yen 9h 21m
Rating –  B/ crime-procedural-thriller

It’s a solid police procedural/thriller with some twists.  It’s good but not outstanding in any way. I’m looking forward to the next Eskens book, Forsaken Country, which is due out later this month (Sept). As luck would have it (I didn’t plan this, honest) is about the elder brother from The Guise of Another and a chase to save a small boy from his dangerous father.  

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