Death Without Company ~ by Craig Johnson

Death Without Company 
by Craig Johnson 

2007 (271 pages)
Read by George Guidall 9h 48m
Rating: B / western crime 
(Longmire series #2)

Johnson’s Longmire series and the character are quite popular with some reading group friends so I’ve tried, but I think this is just not my cuppa.  It also used to be a very popular TV series but that was cancelled due to demographics (an “old people” show).  Out of 17 books I’ve read 3 and just not been able to really get into them.  Dry Bones was tolerable, but Cold Dish (#1 in the series) and now Death Without Company (#2) were just flat to me.  

Craig Johnson’s books are very similar to those of CJ Box’s Joe Pickett series but for some reason I enjoy the Pickett books a whole lot more. 

The series takes place in north central Wyoming where Sheriff Walt Longmire drives his pick-up truck around the fictional Absaroka County to enforce the law. This is located in the very real Absaroka mountains where the local population includes the Absaroka tribe of Native Americans.  And Longmire has a whole retinue of friends and assistants including Victoria Moretti, Lucian Connally, and Santiago Saizarbitori helping him out. 

 In this book he’s not young and has had some experience in the world. His wife is deceased, though, and he still likes women – to look at.  It comes to Longmire’s attention that an old woman was murdered at the care home where she lives. She was poisoned.  She is a part of the Basque community and then the relationships get more complicated. 

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